Effects of Marijuana

There are various effects that go with using marijuana, most of which involve negative outcomes, signs and symptoms. A few effects are:

Shallow breathing
Red eyes and dilated pupils
Dry mouth
Increased appetite
Slow reactions
Increased heart rate
Trouble concentrating
Lack of ability to perform acts that involve coordination
Decreased ambition to complete tasks

Those are simply a few of the most common effects of using marijuana. Marijuana usage also effects people's mind/mood. A few signs/symptoms that effect people's mind are:

Feeling panicked/increased anxiety
Distorted sense of time
Random thinking
Short-term forgetfulness

People who use marijuana also can suffer from short and long-term effects with a wide range of variety within those effects. Most of the common effects are mere short-term effects of using marijuana. Here are a few long-term effects:

Reduced resistance to fight common illnesses such as a cold
Suppressed immune system
Possible growth disorders
Increased abnormally structured cells
Reduction of testosterone
Destruction of lung fibers
Reduced sex-drive
Reduced ability to retain information and learn
Lack of motivation
Mood swings
Inability to understand things clearly

As shown, the use of marijuana has multiple effects on the body and mind that stretch from minimal intervals of time to possible long-term effects. Most of the effects of using marijuana do not come with positive outcomes.

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