Effects of Marijuana in Adolescents

As an adolescent, most decisions are difficult to make and feel quite important for the long run. This is because most decisions made during these years lead to your position in adulthood. The decision to use drugs, for instance, is a huge decision to make as an adolescent. The most helpful way to make these decisions is to wait until adulthood when such aspects of life seem easier to decide on and make a bit more sense.

There are plausible reasons to wait until adulthood to make such life choices, however. During the years where people are adolescents, multiple things are happening in their life, some that are not even noticeable. As an adolescent, your brain continues to develop, along with the expansion of learning. Studies show the when adolescents use marijuana, it causes social and developmental issues for them. The early use of marijuana is closely linked to such outcomes:

Declined thinking
Decreased IQ
Poor memory
Decreased ability to learn new things and focus
Declined control of movement
Poor school performance
Increased absences from school
Increased risk of later dropping out of school before graduation
Higher risk of leaving the family home
Increased risk of driving while high
Higher risk of criminal behavior
Impaired emotional development
Increase in becoming more dissatisfied with life
Increased likelihood to have a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, psychosis

As an adolescent, the decision on whether or not you should use marijuana is a tough choice to make. The best option is to wait until adulthood to make such decisions due to the multiple negative effects marijuana has on people who begin using it at a younger age.

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