Marijuana and Motivation and Education

Marijuana effects both motivation and education for people, and not in the good ways. Marijuana has been proven with studies to cause people to lack motivation and ambition in their lives, and it also has been proven to cause difficulties in learning, effecting people's education.

Dopamine in the brain is a huge factor in motivation. People who smoke cannabis end up having lower levels of dopamine in their brain rather than those who do not smoke cannabis. Long-term cannabis smokers are directly effected by this because the longer people smoke marijuana, the less dopamine is found in their brains; therefore long-term users have a very low amount of dopamine, making them quite unmotivated. Also, dopamine levels decrease quicker and are less prominent in adulthood in those who began smoking at a younger age. Contrary to popular belief, the use of marijuana gives people more of a "runner's high" than a feeling of euphoria because of the dopamine receptors tricking the brain. The lowest levels of dopamine were found in people who were considered addicted to the THC in cannabis.

Marijuana effects education because it causes people to lack motivation as mentioned above and lose focus and concentration on their work and surroundings. Teens who use marijuana regularly can have their IQ drop by 8 points. Marijuana is linked to lower grades and exam scores in schools, decreased likelihood to enroll in college, and decreased likelihood to graduate from high school or college. Because marijuana effects people's education and can cause dropouts and poor grades, it is also linked to a higher chance of being unemployed in the future, low satisfaction with life, and a low income for the household if able to sustain a job.

In the workforce, most places drug test new employees and they will not be hired if their test results come back positive for drugs. Marijuana negatively effects people's education and motivation, causing them to be lazy and lack the will to be educated.

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